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Art of Zhang Xiaoyu: my name is not equal to the human body photography art/Zhang Xiaoyu Zhang Xiao Yu, born June 6, 1985. Zhang Xiaoyu was born in Northeast China's Bally Handbags Replica Heilongjiang, and graduated from Jilin beihua University. her launch in mainland China for Europe and the human body photography site MET-ART scale closer to pornography Bally Handbags Replica "body art" photography, becoming Internet celebrity in mainland China.  Zhang Xiaoyu: I of name does not is equal to human art Zhang Xiaoyu Readme: "I just a General of girls. Bally Handbags Replica no distinguished of family background,, all only by I own. that is a how of hard, know of natural know. in such of environment in I contact to has human art. in today social, has Bally Handbags Replica so some hypocrite, inside is is so nastiness, dang with moral rape I of human art Shi, eyes is is stare in to research I of body. so this world Shang no who than who more noble! Bally Handbags Replica Zhang Xiaoyu Zhang Xiaoyu is network famous. I
Zhang Xiao Yu don't like fame. even if many people want to break my head every day thinking about how to how to sth  That Bally Handbags Replica and Zhang Xiaoyu doesn't matter. actually Zhang Xiaoyu just wanted to quietly of a a people taste art of feeling, a a people. Zhang Xiaoyu said: "now many people brought I on thought human art, even more thought has porn, I to to these nastiness of people said ' I is I, I of name does not representative has human art, more many is porn, please members don't engaged wrong '!"  Zhang Xiaoyu: my name is not equal to body art if the University is a major turning point in life, but that's pretty obviously Zhang Xiaoyu twist is a relatively potent. longing for art was made by Zhang Xiaoyu has never been afraid to think of selection.  This is me, Zhang Xiaoyu. regardless of how others see me, I'll stick to my own road, and will always stick to it. Zhang Xiaoyu: my name is not equal to body art Zhang Xiaoyu talent shots to understand China's "body art
"Human art stems from Western, men body main reflect of is forces of us. and female body main reflect of is a female unique of that negative of soft. human art is means still of human modeling, does not contains sexual intercourse, and bare organ or other has teasing sexual of limb action. good of human photos focusing on of is light and shadow of using. human art ranged so nude, human art does not should is devoted entirelyto sensual pleasure of, and is a soft of us. Zhang Xiaoyu: my name is not equal to body art nude art and body art nude art is creating images of nude people through the medium of an act of showing art., sculptures of nude, nude painting, nude shows, nudity photography ... ... Nude art should be the representation of many concerned. for now, all so-called "body art" actually means "nude art." not "nude art" to define, but defined in terms of compared vague body art

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not "nude art" to define, but defined in terms of compared vague body art

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